Basowell 700

for hands and skin

BASOWELL 700 is a disinfectant for cleaning the skin and hands. it is free of dyes and fragrances, well tolerated by the skin and is very suitable for removing viruses, bacteria and coated fungi
Basowell 710

Surface and instrument

BASOWELL® 710 The natural alternative to toxic conventional sterilizers. The product is completely toxin-free and is used to disinfect surfaces and tools. It works effectively in the sterilization of buildings and hospitals. Without negative side effects.

Base concentrate

High quality product without chemical additives and rich in vital photons. It helps to rest the body and stimulate many vital functions of the body. It helps the acid and base balance in the body.
The large number of positively charged ions in the solution positively and effectively promote the vital activities of the body.

isotonic drink

NEUTROFIT® is A healthy drink helps to re-supply the body with important elements such as sodium that athletes lose during exercise. Therefore, it helps prevent muscle cramps. The drink contains the same concentration as the molecules of the elements dissolved in the blood. Therefore, the body cells take it up very quickly.

Prevent Insects

is a reliable and effective travel companion and can be used as a preventative or first aid for wasp stings and mosquito bites.

Relieves itching and inflammation and is also ideal for first aid for contact with jellyfish.