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BASU Healthcare
The next Generation Of Disinfection

Caring for public health and access to the greatest degrees of sterilization, is an equation that cannot be reached using sterilizers and disinfectants spread in the markets, which depend on the use of alcohol or chemicals as an effective substance, which causes risks to human health and damage to the environment and negative side effects on the skin, surfaces and tools Sterilized.

But thanks to a special technology developed by the Austrian company BASU®, and using only natural materials such as water, salt and electric power, the company was able to produce natural disinfectants and sterilizers with modern Austrian technology. Registered as a unique invention at the European Bureau of Inventions EPO.

 What are BASU disinfection products?

BASO disinfection products are concentrates that are made from natural raw materials. They are transparent, colorless liquids with a slightly chlorine smell and contain the various oxidizing acids with oxidative power. The active ingredients consist mainly of hypochlorous acid HOCl with a neutral pH of approx. 7.0 and an oxidation-reduction potential (redox / ORP) of +800 to +1300 mV.

 Our products eliminate 100% of all types of pathogens with high efficiency and quick impact of no more than 30 seconds.

 What is the active ingredient hypochlorous acid HOCl:

HOCl is the scientific formula for hypochlorous acid, a weak acid similar to that of a mild lemon juice.

HOCl is naturally made from white blood cells in all mammals for healing and protection. It plays an important role in the immune system by killing pathogens through oxidation and chlorination. When microbial pathogens attempt to penetrate a wound, white blood cells are the first responders and devour the bacteria by exposing them to the HOCl biocide.

HOCl offers a unique ability to eradicate dangerous organisms without damaging our cells. HOCl is one of the few agents that is non-toxic to the sensitive cells that can heal our wounds and is fatal to almost all known dangerous bacteria, fungi, and viruses that threaten our health.

 How does HOCl kill microbial pathogens?

The molecule of hypochlorous acid is HOCl. This molecule is unique in that it is positively charged.

Why is that important?
Disinfectants and microbial pathogens interact with each other like magnets. When two negatively charged magnets feed, they repel each other. Bacteria, fungi and viruses are negatively charged, hypochlorous acid (HOCl) is neutrally charged and is not rejected by bacteria. HOCl quickly and easily penetrates the walls of the bacteria and destroys them with its strong oxidation potential up to 1300 mv.

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Why isn't hypochlorous acid everywhere?

The use of hypochlorous acid for disinfection has been researched for over 100 years. It is an undeniable fact that hypochlorous acid offers much better disinfectant properties than sodium hypochlorite (chlorine bleach). In the early 1900s, during the world wars, HOCl solutions were used to disinfect medical devices and treat wounds.

 The overwhelming obstacle to its widespread use has been a lack of storage stability. HOCl is very unstable in nature. This means that it reacts very easily and quickly turns back into salt water. Until recently, however, HOCl solutions only remained stable for a maximum of 90 minutes before they were converted back into salt water.

 What is our unique technology?

Now we are making HOCl so that the solution is stable much longer than previously available. Our technology enables a 24-month HOCl shelf life for all of our products. This enabled the products to be filled and made available. Although the production of HOCl solutions is not a challenge, stabilizing the solution is very difficult.

 The unique ِ BASU technology makes the sterilization and disinfection strength of water and salt highly efficient and absolutely safe, since it contains no toxic substances.
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The uses of BASO sterilizers:

BASO produces a variety of disinfectants and disinfectants, which can be used in all areas of life safely and effectively.
Our products eliminate microbes, viruses, fungi and bacteria. It can be used in human uses without any negative effects on the skin. It is also used in the health sector, agricultural fields, fish farming and animal breeding, as well as in sterilizing drinking water, and in various industrial fields.

Features of Paso products:

  • Sterilizers with high efficiency and high impact strength and fast.
  • Completely safe and easy to use.
  • It kills 100% on microorganisms and all pathogens.
  • Effective disinfection without any use of chemicals.
  • Non-toxic to humans, animals and plants.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • No special handling and a powerful biocide required.

BASU® products .. Austrian technology with international standards