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Caring for public health and access to the greatest degrees of sterilization, is an equation that cannot be reached using sterilizers and disinfectants spread in the markets, which depend on the use of alcohol or chemicals as an effective substance, which causes risks to human health and damage to the environment and negative side effects on the skin, surfaces and tools Sterilized.

 But thanks to a special technology developed by the Austrian company BASU®, and using only natural materials such as water, salt and electric power, the company was able to produce natural disinfectants and sterilizers with modern Austrian technology.
Registered as a unique invention at the European Bureau of Inventions EPO.

 Whether for human sterilization or medical and surgical uses, and through the sterilization of facilities and tools and up to sterilization in the industrial and agricultural fields, BASU® products are the perfect address for safe and environmentally friendly use.
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BASU Desinfections
Our Recommendation for the current coronavirus epidemic
Basu disinfection
BASOWELL® 710 Hygienisation for Surface und Instruments
The rapid and environmentally friendly hygienisation
Perfect for hygienisation of surfaces and instruments
The non-toxic and reliable hygienisation
Basu disinfection
BASOWELL® 700 Hygienisation for Hands & Skin
The quick and reliable hygienisation
Perfect for hygienisation of hands and skin
The non-toxic and effective hygienisation
Basu disinfection
Water for life
BASU sterilization is friendly for the environment
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